This is our blog on “Beard Growth Stages: Here’s How To Grow Beard Longer” and we have covered the following topics in it-

Beard Growth Stages

Every man has a different beard growth , but most of them undergo following stages-

Stage1-Week-1-No facial hair -Zero Stage

Stage2-Week-2-3-Peach Fuzz (Very Little to no facial hair)- Awkward Phase

Stage3-Week 4 to 8-Patchy Beard ( visible facial hair but uneven growth)

Stage4-Month 2 to 3-Patchiness is filled ( all the bald spots are now filled, giving your beard an even look)

Stage5-Month 4 to 5– Growth rate is slowed down , but there are other things that you can do!

Stage6-Month 6 to 8-Fuller Beard , time to style it

Stage7-Month 9 to 12 – The Beard you always dreamt of !

Stage1 and Stage2 are the toughest periods of beard growth. This is where you have to put in your efforts to promote beard growth while Stage3 is an intermediary phase. Once you have entered Stage4 it’s mostly about maintaining and styling from thereon. So ‘How To Grow Beard Longer?’

In order to know that first let’s understand more about beard growth and the ways by which we can boost it

Nowadays men are becoming more and more enthusiastic about growing out a beard and styling it in many different ways. There are a ton lots of videos on youtube guiding you through how to grow a beard, style them, maintain them, etc.

But at the end of the day, it mainly depends on three things-genetics, hormones, and time. Now here’s the harsh truth- few men cannot grow a beard. Some men have more hair follicles so they can grow denser and coarser beards than others.

Testosterone gets converted in the hair follicles to a more potent form called dihydrotestosterone. Some hair follicles have receptors on them that are very sensitive to dihydrotestosterone, stimulating hair growth.

Now this sensitivity of hair follicles to dihydrotestosterone depends on your genes and your age. If your father or uncle or any close relatives has a beard then you’ll get one. And your beard growth starts at the age of 18 and is at its peaks during 30.

But even with the right genetics and age, few men are not able to grow a beard or growing only a patchy beard, because of improper grooming and not taking care of the beard properly. So we’ve collected and listed out things that will boost your beard growth and give you a longer and thicker beard. We will discuss these beard growth booster as we go further.

So before heading out are you upset that you are unable to grow a beard, while almost all of your friends have one. Don’t worry every beard has its own pace. So to give you some hope and positivity, below are a few indicators that show you can grow a good beard.

1)Are you the right age?– As earlier said your beard growth starts at the age of 18, even if you have hit puberty this is the age that you could hope for a beard.

2)Check with your relatives- The growth of the beard is mostly dependent on genetics. It is an inherited characteristic. Your genetics can also impact at what age your body starts to grow facial hair. So just check whether your father or any close relative like your uncle has a beard or not. Also, find out at what age they started growing a beard because it could probably be the same for you.

3)Check wether you are hairy elsewhere- See if you are hairy elsewhere like under your arms , on legs , on chest , back , shoulders etc. If yes then its a good indicator that you could grow a beard.

4)Check if you are testosterone levels are good- Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid. Testosterone regulates hair growth by affecting the follicle and how it can produce different types of hair, like facial, pubic, and scalp hair. So you may not be able to grow a beard if your testosterone levels are low. Now you need not go for a medical examination to see whether you are running low on testosterone. So how to know if you have low testosterone levels?. Here are a few signs that indicate low testosterone levels-

  • Increased body fat.
  • Decreased strength/mass of muscles.
  • Fragile bones.
  • Decreased body hair.
  • Fatigue etc

But you need not worry if you are running low on testoserene. You can increase it by simple changes in diet and by exercisng.

Now despite showing positive indications if you are unable to grow a beard or suffering from a patchy beard, then you need not worry because we got you covered. As we go further we will discuss ways in which you can boost your beard growth and grow a thick and long beard. Even if you got a negative indication, these tips might take some time, but they will still work

Now before going to know more about beard growth stages and the things that boost beard growth. Let’s understand beard growth a little more.

Beard Growth Stages: Here’s How To Grow Beard Longer-Part-1

Beard Growth Cycle and Beard Growth Phases

Your beard grows about half an inch per month and that’s an average because your beard isn’t growing at the same time or at the same rate. And the reason for this is the beard growth cycle. In the beard growth cycle, our beard goes through four phases also known as beard growth phases. Once the final phase is over the process repeats and the cycle goes on.

Our beard growth rate is different for each one of these phases. And another thing that you have to remember is each hair follicle is independent, so not all of them are going through the same phase. Hence some men get a beard first at the chin and later on the cheeks. So let’s have a brief look at each one of these phases for a better understanding.

Beard Growth Phases-

Phase-1-Anagen– This is where your beard growth is at its max. Many believe that it lasts up to seven years. But you could see its maximum effects in 2-4 months. In this phase, the hair starts growing from the follicle root. You can see approximately 1cm of beard growth per month during this phase. If you are unable to grow a beard beyond a certain length, then that’s the maximum progress of your beard in the anagen phase.

Phase-2-Catagen-At the end of the anagen phase your facial hair enters the catagen phase naturally. In this phase, your hair strands get detached from the root. However, it doesn’t completely shed. Instead, it shrinks itself and goes through the resting phase. In this phase, the hair strands get separated from the hair papilla or the dermal papilla and stop receiving nutrients. It lasts for 2-3 weeks in general.

Phase-3-Telogen-This is the resting phase of your facial hair. At the end of the catagen phase, the hair enters the telogen phase also known as the resting phase. In this phase, your facial hair is dormant and is ready to be pushed by the new hair. Thus it enters the final phase known as the exogen phase.

Phase-4- Exogen- This is the final phase of your beard growth cycle. In this phase, the dormant or resting hair strand is pushed by the new hair strand going through an anagen phase. As a result, the resting hair strands get completely detached from the hair follicle and fall of. Thus you can sometimes see hair falling out while brushing your beard.

As you can see most of the bead growth process takes place in the anagen phase of the beard cycle. Hence it is known also known as active growth phase. But it has been observed that most of our beard hair follicles are dormant and don’t go through anagen phase for many reasons. But the main one’s being- improper care and lack of sufficient nutrients especially proteins.

Thus your beard requires your utmost care during the anagen phase. Hence we are gonna mention the things that ruin your natural beard growth and must be avoided at all costs.

Beard Growth Stages: Here’s How To Grow Beard Longer-Part-2

Things That Ruin Your Beard Growth-

Following are the things that will delay or in the worst case stop your beard growth. Most men aren’t able to grow a proper beard despite the right genes because of these mistakes. Hence before understanding the things that promote your beard growth first you need to know about the things that hinder the process.

So here are the things that you should avoid-

1)Constantly Puling your Beard- Yeah, it’s true that massaging your beard can stimulate hair follicles and promote beard growth, but constantly plucking it does no good. In the worst-case picking and pulling your beard can cause hair loss and bald spots, thereby hindering your beard growth forever.

This plucking of your beard starts as timepass stuff and later becomes a bad habit that you cannot get rid of. So if you find yourself doing this then try to divert it by replacing it with other stuff like pressing a stress ball etc, spinning a pen or pencil, etc.

2)Not Taking Care of Your Skin on Face- Skincare is vital for beard growth. Most men overlook this point and go on applying beard oil and other beard growth products. But none of these will work if you have poor skin hygiene. Here’s why- firstly poor skin hygiene means a lot of dirt near your skin pores and second acne(mainly occurs because of hormonal changes and oily skin).

These two prevent the skin pores to undergo proper precipitation and thereby reducing your facial hair growth potential. Un Hygenic skin will delay beard growth rate a lot. Hence if you want a proper thick and long beard makes sure your face is clean and clear. We will discuss more skincare as we go further.

3)Ingrown Hair-An ingrown facial hair occurs when facial hair grows sideways into your skin instead of growing out toward the surface. They can be very problematic and ruin your beard growth. Facial ingrown hairs mostly occur due to improper facial skincare, poor shaving methods, plucking of facial hair, waxing, etc. Hence avoid ingrown hairs at all costs if you want to grow your proper beard.

4) Overdoing it-Beards have been trending for a while now and it can be frustrating when almost everyone you know has one except you. But this shouldn’t tempt you to go for unconventional beard growth methods like using minoxidil, derma rollers, etc ( which we will discuss in detail in beard growth tips). There are many things online that will promise you a long and thick beard within a matter of few months. Even though they show immediate results at first, they can cause damage in the long run.

Hence we have researched a lot and made a list of things that will promote your beard growth naturaly and give you the best possible results. So here are our ultimate beard growth tips-

Beard Growth Stages: Here’s How To Grow Beard Longer-Part-3

#Ultimate Beard Growth Tips-

There are ways by which you can defy your genetics and boost your beard growth. You can find several ways to boost your beard growth on the internet, but the following proved to give the best results.

#1-Don’t Shave

This seems obvious, but this is where most people go wrong. Because of many pieces of advice that shaving increases beard growth by stimulating the pores. This is only partly true. In fact, shaving often can even slow down your beard growing process a lot. Sometimes shaving will give the illusion of hair growing back quicker because the new hair is darker as it hasn’t been exposed to the sun. It will also feel sharper to the touch as you’ve sliced off the end of the hair follicles. If you shave, the only thing that will grow back, with the same amount of hair, but thicker in diameter. So say no to shaving at all costs until you grow a complete beard.

Get Beard Growth Week By Week

#2-Take Care of the Skin

Proper skincare is the most important part of beard growth, especially during the early stages. Many neglect this, hence see a delay in their beard growth. Our skin cells are like a wall of bricks in which the dead cells are constantly pushed outside.

And these excess dead cells on the skin can block the pores and make it difficult for beard growth . Hence proper skin care will not only make you look good , but also promote your beard growth at the same time.

Now you need not follow a strict skin care regimen in order to maintain your facial skin. All you have to do is follow the simple tips mentioned below-

#A-Wash your Face Twice a Day- Make sure that you wash your face twice a day. Your skin is exposed to harsh conditions like dust,sun-light, harmful chemicals, smoke, pollution, etc during your day-to-day life activities.

The skin on your face is sensitive compared to the one on the other parts of your body. So you must wash your at least twice a day i.e 1)Once before going to the bed and 2)Once in the morning just after you get up.

If you are up for some sports or some sort of work out then do it for the third time after you are done with your activity. Make sure that you wash your face in a circular motion in an upward direction. And make sure you use a proper face wash.

#B-Use Natural Moisturizers-

Moisturizers prevent dryness in the skin. Most of the chemically made moisturizers out there clog the pores on your skin, increase your acne, and sometimes they even affect the good bacteria on your face. So natural moisturizers are the way to go. Here are 3 natural skin moisturizers that can do wonders-

  • Rosewater-Rose water is a disinfectant. Thus it works very well against the harmful bacteria present on your skin. So make sure that you apply it twice a day on your skin once before heading out and once at night time before sleeping.
  • Lime juice-Just take about half a lime squeeze it into a bowl, put a cotton swab inside, and then squeeze it out on your face. When it comes to lime juice keep in mind that you don’t apply more than once to twice a week. Now the advantage of lime juice is that one will help you fight acne and two it will destroy some of the blemishes on your face. If the lime juice stings a lot then try to add some water to it. The stinging is a sign that it’s working.
  • Aloe vera-This one is my personal favorite. So you tear it open, tear the skin and squeeze some of the pulp out. Maybe scrape it off with your nail. Then just apply it to your face. Do this once or twice a week and if you are suffering from acne or extremely dry skin then a squeeze of aloe vera with lime juice will help you out.

#C-Change the Pillow Cases-Every night when you sleep your skin builds up oil which is why it’s important to wash your face as soon as you wake up. But even after you wash your face, all that oil and grime get left behind on your pillow.

So the next time when you lay on the pillow with your nice and clean face, you are just laying back down on the oil and grime that you left behind. This can result in a breeding ground for bacteria. So make sure that you change your pillowcases every day. If you cannot change your pillowcases often. Then you can use a small hand towel that you can change every day or flip it over.

#3-Beard Oil

Most people misinterpret the use of beard-oil. Many think that beard oil is something that is used to grow a beard faster. But it is only partly true. It does not make hair grow faster, it doesn’t make your beard denser, and doesn’t help in growing new hair follicles. So are beard oils useless?-Nope. Even though beard oils do not increase the growth rate of beard, there are other things in which it is beneficial.

Beards can get extremely itchy, especially if you’re growing one out for the first time. This is when beard oil can be very helpful to avoid shaving. Beard oil moisturizes your beard and makes sure it is clean. It protects your beard from dirt and dead cells. It makes your beard smell good. Finally, it provides essential oils for nourishment. Hence if you want to grow a proper and healthy beard then beard oil is a must. Beard oil is required only from the stage5 of beard growth.

Not only that, but the all-natural ingredients present in beard oil can create ideal conditions for beard growth. Therefore boosting beard growth.

There are tons of beard oils out there, but here are our top picks based on quality and customer reviews and mainly the ingredients that they use-

#Bull Dog Original Beard Oil


The best thing about bulldog original beard oil is that it is made with natural ingredients like- aloe vera, camelina oil, and green tea. It acts as a good moisturizing and softening agent for your beard. It was highly recommended by its users as it didn’t contain any artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, or ingredients.

#The Gentlemen’s Premium Beard Oil


This one a little expensive but has been reviewed as value for money by its users. It is totally fragrance-free as a result it can blend well with other beard products. It doesn’t have any fillers, fragrances, additives, parabens, or GMOs which can be harmful to the beard. It helps you get rid of beard dandruff and makes it itch-free. The oil is quickly absorbed deep into your beard hairs, making them softer and stronger without any greasy residue or heaviness. So if you are ready to spend some amount on beard oil, then this is your go-to option

#Artnaturals Beard and Stache Oil


Our final pick is ‘Beard and Stache Oil” by artnaturals. The main reason this is on our list is because of its ingredients. The beard and stache oil by artnaturals contains Moroccan Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E which can boost beard growth. It is also unscented and completely organic. The antioxidants present in this beard oil deep-cleans pores gently, making the oil safe for all skin types. This one is a must-try in beard oils because its benefits are innumerable.


Testosterone and DHT are the main hormones helping in beard growth. And exercise greatly boosts your testosterone levels. Not only that exercising also increases blood flow which is great for beard growth. Even a 10-min workout can boost your testosterone levels. So get ready to move your body!

Get Beard Growth Week By Week


The next important thing to have a perfect beard is having a perfect diet. Your diet must be well-balanced with all the proteins, vitamins, nutrients required to grow a beard. Concentrate on eating those foods which increase testosterone and DHT levels. Following are the foods that can help promote beard growth-

  • Eggs
  • Brazilian nuts
  • Potatoes
  • Almonds
  • Walnuts peanuts
  • Cashews
  • Hazelnuts
  • Pistachios
  • Sunflower seeds
  • flaxseed
  • Raisins
  • Sorghum
  • Beef
  • Fish
  • Orange juice
  • Kale
  • Cabbage
  • Spinach
  • Coffee

In the short focus on eating foods that are rich in Vitamin A, B, C, and E. Especially vitamin B. Even Biotin can be very helpful for beard growth.


#5-Leave The Beard Alone

Now beard growth is a very slow process and the key to it is patience. You gotta leave it for a while and promote its natural growth. But most men give up in the middle and start experimenting and using unconventional ways to get faster results, which we do not recommend. Because these things even though will give an immediate effect but will affect your beard quality in the future. So we have made a list of things that will tempt you but should be avoided at all costs-

A) Constant Measuring-Most people constantly look up in the mirror daily to measure their beard growth. This will often disappoint you. So don’t constantly track your beard growth every day. Instead, just measure it once a month or once every three months because most of the results can be observed during this time period.

B)Constant Pricking-Apart from this, many men even rub their beards with their hands and constantly prick themes earlier said. Constat pricking of hair can lead to facial hair falling off, and even lead to emptiness or unpleasant patchiness. This could ruin the entire process.

Now even using a beard comb or a beard brush at this stage is not advisable, it could do more harm than good. At this point, the best thing you could do is be patient and follow the other tips that we have mentioned.

C)Using Derma rollers- Now another thing that has gained popularity in the beard growth sector recently is the derma roller. This works to some extent, but it also comes with several side effects. For those who don’t know a derma roller is a skincare device. On one end is a handle and on the other is a roller with lots of small, fine needles on its surface.

So basically what a derma roller does is, punctures the skin when rolled on it. These holes created by the derma roller are very tiny and considered to be superficial. This creates controlled skin injury and superficial bleeding thereby triggering the body’s wound healing response. Due to this, the following occurs-

  • New blood vessels are formed in the skin
  • Substances that stimulate growth are released
  • Skin starts to make more collagen(most abundant protein in our body)

Cool right! Then why should’nt you use it for beard growth , here are the reasons why-

1)It is meant for the scalp- Derma rollers were used to treat hair loss on the scalp. There is not much clinical research that they work for beard growth.

2)Ineffective for home use- Most derma rollers that are available in the market for beard growth come with small needles. According to many dermatologists, these needles aren’t big enough for penetrating proper holes into the skin. So basically you are wasting your time.

Not only that but you gotta be super careful while using one. First, you need to make sure that your face and the derma roller are sterilized. And then you gotta apply moisturizers every 4 hours to get rid of the dryness. Should apply the right pressure and avoid areas with pimples etc. It is better to do it under the guidance of a dermatologist to avoid any risks.

3)Skin problems- Derma roller is said to cause the following skin problems-skin redness, dry, rough skin, and inflammation. It can also make your skin sensitive to sunlight. Even though these problems are temporary for many, they can be serious for a few.

4)Infections- Using derma rollers without proper sterilization can result in infection outbreaks. They are also not recommended if you have an existing skin problem. They are also not suitable if you have acne which is quite common during puberty.

5)Better alternatives-As you can see the disadvantages of derma roller outnumber its benifits. More over it was never meant to be a product that could help beard growth. All derma rollers do to promote beard growth is improve blood circulation for the facial hair follicles.

This is good but the same effects can be obtained by other methods like massaging with vitamin-rich oils and proper skincare which we will be discussing as we move further.

D)Minoxidil-Ok , for those who don’t know what minoxidil is , it is a FDA approved over the counter drug to treat baldness for both men and women. Both derma rollers and minoxidil were used hand in hand to treat baldness. Basically what minoxidil does is it widens the blood vessels to deliver more oxygen-rich blood to the hair follicles. It also increases the size of hair follicles, which promotes the growth of thicker, stronger hairs.

Now here’s the hinge as soon as you stop using minoxidil the effect will be reversed and the facial hair that you gained will eventually shed. This is because these are vellus hairs and not terminal hair. You need hormones to convert vellus hairs into terminal hairs. Now those who have claimed to gain permanent beard from the usage of minoxidil is because of the time that they spent using minoxidil.

With time the hormones in our body will automatically convert vellus hairs into terminal hairs. Minoxidil only gives a boosting effect by showing an increased number of vellus hairs at first. The real work is done by the hormones like testosterone and DHT.

Not only that but minoxidil also comes with severa; side effects like- redness or irritation of your facial skin scalp irritation , dry skin ,heart pipalation, hair growth in unexpected areas, new hair colors etc.

So if you are under the age of 20 don’t hurry and try minoxidil for beard growth. You have time till your mid 30’s. Your main aim should be increasing beard growth promoting harmones like testoserene and DHT. And supplying beard with enough nutrients. Because these are the things that actually work.

Hence we are going to discuss about the natural beard boosters in the next point.

#6-Beard Boosters/Home Remedies

These are the things that will help you fasten your beard growth naturally. This includes some basic products and homemade solutions that can be soothing for your beard. So let’s have a quick look at the most effective things-

#1Lemon and cinnamon -Grind 2-3 barks of cinnamon and add 2-3 spoons of lemon juice to it mix it well to make a paste. Now apply this paste to the beard area and wait for 10-20 mins. Do this twice a week for best results.

#2 Hot oil-Mix any 2-3 oils like amla or eucalyptus or olive oil. And heat them slightly, make sure it is not too hot. Now use this mixture of oil to gently massage your beard area. Wait for 20 min and rinse it with lukewarm water.

#3-Sleep for 7-8hours daily

Get Beard Growth Week By Week

#5Stay hydrated -Drink lots and lots of water

#6-Don’t stress-Stress can decrease testosterone levels and lower testosterone levels can cause further stress. So just relax.

#7-Quit smoking


Beard Growth Stages: Here’s How To Grow Beard Longer-Part-4

Beard Growth Stages Ultimate Guide-What to do at Different Stages of Beard Growth

Stage1-One Week In

In the first week of beard growth, you can’t expect anything. However, in this stage, you should build a concrete base that promotes beard growth. And this is done by taking care of your facial skin. Our skin is like a brick of walls and the dead cells are constantly pushed outside.

Excess dead cells on the skin can block the pores and make it difficult for beard growth. So it is very important for you to exfoliate your skin on regular basis.

Now you need not buy an exfoliating mask, scrub, or something like that for this. All you need is a good face wash. And don’t use the soap that you use for the other parts of the body, as the skin on your face is more sensitive.

Following is our recommended Face Wash-It is made of natural ingredients and contains vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E which help promote beard growth. Also removes dirt and oil, which can cause breakouts, blackheads, and blemishes.


As earlier said you must wash your face at least twice a day i.e 1)Once before going to the bed and 2)Once in the morning just after you get up. And this goes without saying wash your face every time you return home from outside.

Here’s the pro tip– First wash your face with slightly hot water then apply the face wash and rinse it. After that wash your wash with cold water. This helps for better exfoliation of the facial skin.

The hot water opens up the pores on the facial skin, making it easy to get rid of dirt and oily substance. After you are done the cold water seals off the pores so that no more outside dust and pollutants can enter your skin.

Other things that you can do at this stage are exercise and eat nutrients and vitamin-rich foods that we mentioned in our tips. These are the basic tips which you have to continue for all the stages of beard growth. And-

No Beard oil-It is too early to use a beard oil

No, Face Masks-Don’t use any sort of face masks for exfoliating skin as they can pull the hair follicles and damage them while removing.

Stage2-Week-2-3-Peach Fuzz (Very Little to no facial hair)- Awkward Phase

In this stage, your facial hair develops a little bit and you get tiny hairs. There isn’t much that you can do at this stage just follow the tips that we mentioned on stage1! This is the awkward phase of beard growth, so don’t lose hope and follow the tips until you enter the next stage.

Stage3-Week 4 to 8-Patchy Beard ( visible facial hair but uneven growth)

This is the stage that gives you hope! Your peach-fuzz-like facial hair grows more in numbers, giving you a patchy beard. The awkward phase can still continue in this stage for some.

The best thing you can do in this stage increases your nutrients intake. If you can afford one go for biotin supplements which will fasten the process.

Another thing that you can do during this stage is use natural oil recipies that we have mentioned in the beard growth tips to massage your facial hair. Make sure you are exposed to sunlight while massaging with the natural oils. Finally rinse it off after some time.

Stage4-Month 2 to 3-Patchiness is filled ( all the bald spots are now filled, giving your beard an even look)

This is the stage where happiness starts from. In this stage, the patchiness is filled up covering the blind spots and giving your beard an even look. Don’t try to style your beard at this stage. Wait for it to grow more and go to the next stage. Follow the same tips that we mentioned in stage3

Stage5-Month 4 to 5 – Growth rate is slowed down, but there are other things that you can do!

In this stage you cannot observe much change, you should just keep patience and follow the tips in earlier stages. However, there are other things that you have to take care of. At this stage your beard is fuller but kind of messy. You need to do the following to keep it neat –

A)Don’t let the bead grow below your neck always trim it

B)Shave the hair on cheekbones– Take a scale and keep one end at the center of the ear and the other end at the mustache. Now shave the hair above the scale or that is on the cheekbones. You should end up with a line with a beard only below it.

C)Keep the edges neat- Regularly trim the beard at the edges of your cheeks and chin so that it looks uniform and make sure it doesn’t look like it is falling apart.

D)Use a trimmer which comes with many styling variations like the one mentioned below-


At this stage, your beard gets really itchy and can become rough easily. So it is ideal to start using beard oil at this stage. This will help you keep your fresh and neat at the same time promoting its growth by getting rid of the dead cells.

How to use a beard oil-

  • Take 4-5 drops in the palm and massage it into your beard
  • Use a circular motion at the sides after that massage downwards moving to the chin
  • Then massage downwards near the chin area
  • Be gentle and don’t exert too much pressure while applying.

It is best to apply beard oil after you have washed your face with the face wash.

Apply the beard oil two times a day. Once in the morning and once before you go to sleep.

And make sure you are under the sunlight when you are applying the beard oil in the morning.

Stage6-Month 6 to 8-Fuller Beard , time to style it

In this stage many get the beard that they have always dreamed of. After 6-8 months of beard growth regimen you expect a beard of somewhat 3-4 inches. Which is ideal for styling. If you think this is it , the desired beard length you always wanted then you can start styling it. Just google beard styles that compliment your face shape. And-

Use a beard balm for styling-Now most of you guys will think that beard oil is enough for styling it, but it’s not completely true. Yes, beard oil will smoothen your grass-like beard and nourish it but it isn’t helpful for styling a beard. It is only helpful for maintaining it.

What you need to style your beard is a beard balm. They are like pomade for your beard, a beard balm gives your beard the hold and uniformity you need to style it. They are also good for overall beard health because they contain beeswax and cocoa butter.

So once you are done choosing your beard style apply some beard balm and brush it with a beard brush to give it the shape that you want. Beard balm also helps you to make your beard frizz-free and look uniform. Following is our recommended beard balm –


However, this doesn’t mean you stop using beard oil. You still need it to keep your beard fresh and neat especially at this stage. This goes for the remaining tips also, keep taking nutritious food, keep exercising and keep exfoliating your face from time to time.

If you want to go beyond this stage, then keep it neat neat by following the tips mentioned in stage5. And let it grow for some more time.

Stage7-Month 9 to 12 – The Beard you always dreamt of !

Now, this is the final stage of beard growth. You have got the maximum out of your beard. You can expect around 6-7 inches of beard in this stage. The growth rate severely slows down for the most after this stage. And only quite a few wish to grow beyond this stage.

The beard is very messy during this stage. It is also vulnerable to several infections, especially beardruff (dandruff in beard) if not taken care of properly.

So it is suggested to use a beard wash at this stage. And don’t ever commit the mistake of applying any ordinary soap or regular shampoo to the beard. Because these can be rough to the beard as they are not designed for it.

Hence use a beard wash to prevent any infections and get rid of that itchy and brittle beard. A beard wash doesn’t contain the harm full chemicals that shampoo does.

Thus it helps in the cleaning, removing excess oil, and freshening of your beard. It also keeps the skin under your beard in a good condition, which otherwise can be troublesome to get to.

Our recommended beard wash– The following beard wash contains antibacterial Jojoba Oil to deep clean, and Argan Oil to soothe hair follicles.

It is also  is also infused with hair growth enhancing Rosemary Extract and Blue Cypress Wood Oil.

And most importantly it is cruelty, sulfate, and paraben-free which makes it the best choice for a beard wash



Most of the companies out there will try to sell their products by promising you a full beard. But the truth is there aren’t any. None of them actually work. The only things that work are your hormones and your patience. Most men are very impatient when it comes to beard growth. Everyone wants a full beard overnight.

But unfortunately, beard growth takes a lot of time. You need to wait almost 2-3 months before you see any growth or changes. But all the above-mentioned steps will definitely boost your beard growth and give you weekly results if followed properly.

There is a common misconception that women like men with beards. But this isn’t completely true. When it comes to women they are complex. And all women aren’t the same.

Each one has its own taste. So don’t put yourself down for not having a beard. Hence relax and follow the above tips to have healthy beard growth. Thus were the ‘Tips to Get Beard Growth Week By Week’

So that’s our blog on “Beard Growth Stages: Here’s How To Grow Beard Longer”


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