So, do you watch anime? If yes then you might have noticed that these anime characters usually have different ( cool btw) hairstyles and very unusual hair colors. We notice that they even use extreme colors like red, green, purple, etc. Yeah, indeed anime is a fantasy realm, but these extreme hair colors are not made randomly. We know that anime concentrates more on depicting the emotions and feelings way more than any other animations. They use big eyes for the characters to express even the tiny bits of emotions and reach the audience.

This is one of the techniques used by anime creators to give the audience an emotional connection. Another iconic design for manga and anime characters is the hair with different styles and extreme hair colors. They don’t do this just like that. They have a very special reason to do this. They do this to characterize and express significant elements of the character’s personality. This is based on the color symbolism in Japan.

So here is the list of anime hair colors and a brief description of what they convey-


Red-haired anime characters are often considered seductive, hot-headed, aggressive, adventurous, and enthusiastic. The perfect example of the character that has the above qualities is ‘Kagami’ from Kuroko no Basket’.Other qualities include dynamic primal, opinionated, etc.

Here's What Anime Has To Say About Weird Hair Colors.


The characters with brown hair are approachable and are sincere. They are temperate, charming, and enduring. However, they even pose qualities like boring and predictable.

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The characters with orange-colored hair are seen quite often in anime. These characters are courageous, optimistic, and loyal. They can even be selfish and annoying for example ‘Pain’ from Naruto. They can also be annoying, selfish, and often attention-seeking.

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Yellow/Blonde is quite common in anime as well as anime. The characters with yellow/blonde hair are quite confident about themselves. They are romantic and artful. But they can even be naive, manipulative, and stubborn.

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The best example of an anime character with green hair is Izuku Midoriya from ‘ My Hero Academia’. If you have watched the show you may know that Midoriya is enlightened, tolerant, and last but not least he was smart. However few characters can be poisonous, roguish, and docile.


Kuroko from ‘Kuroko no Basket ‘ is an example of anime characters with blue hair. We know that he is talented, mature, and intuitive. We also notice that he is an introvert and thinks with reason and logic. He also has a strong sense of justice.


The anime characters with purple hair are benevolent, youthful, and like to do things in an orderly manner. This color even shows feminine characteristics. They even signify personality traits like -cute, innocent, and cheerfulness.

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