So it’s the weekend and you are ready to rock. This is the time where you hang out with your friends and meet new people. Its the time for you to Charm Someone you’ve never met before.Its the time for you to make an impression. So you get well dressed, set a dope hairstyle, and groom your beard. But as you closely look at your face in the mirror you find a big pimple on your forehead! On top of that, your skin isn’t as shiny as you thought it would be after a facewash. Your skin is really dull or too oily. And this little thing is ruining your entire charm. So have you ever faced such situations?

Even if you didn’t, there are a lot of men out there who ruin their looks despite having a cool beard and a dope hairstyle, all because of bad or unhealthy skin. So don’t let bad skin ruin your weekend vibes.

So here is ‘Skin Care for Men-Simple Things That Will Give You Clear Skin’-

#1-Wash your Face Twice a Day

Make sure that you wash your face twice a day. Your skin is exposed to harsh conditions like dust,sun-light, harmful chemicals, smoke, pollution, etc during your day-to-day life activities. The skin on your face is sensitive compared to the one on the other parts of your body. So you must wash your at least twice a day i.e 1)Once before going to the bed and 2)Once in the morning just after you get up. If you are up for some sports or some sort of work out then do it for the third time after you are done with your activity. Make sure that you wash your face in a circular motion in an upward direction.

Most men’s face wash contains harmful chemicals which, can ruin your skin in the long run. So we recommend the following face wash which is free of such harmful chemicals and will give you brighter and healthier skin in the long run.

#2-Wash Your Face with Luke Warm/Tepid Water.

Most of the people wash their face with cold water. Coldwater isn’t that good for your skin as they say. At the same time, even hot water isn’t good for your skin. So tepid or lukewarm water is the way to go.

#3-Change the Pillow Cases.

Every night when you sleep your skin builds up oil which is why it’s important to wash your face as soon as you wake up. But even after you wash your face, all that oil and grime get left behind on your pillow. So the next time when you lay on the pillow with your nice and clean face, you are just laying back down on the oil and grime that you left behind. This can result in a breeding ground for bacteria. So make sure that you change your pillowcases every day. If you cannot change your pillowcases often. Then you can use a small hand towel that you can change every day or flip it over.

#4-Natural Moisturizers

Moisturizers prevent dryness in the skin. Most of the chemically made moisturizers out there clog the pores on your skin, increase your acne, and sometimes they even affect the good bacteria on your face. So natural moisturizers are the way to go. Here are 3 natural skin moisturizers that can do wonders-

  1. Rosewater-Rose water is a disinfectant. Thus it works very well against the harmful bacteria present on your skin. So make sure that you apply it twice a day on your skin once before heading out and once at night time before sleeping.
  2. Lime juice-Just take about half a lime squeeze it into a bowl, put a cotton swab inside, and then squeeze it out on your face. When it comes to lime juice keep in mind that you don’t apply more than once to twice a week. Now the advantage of lime juice is that one will help you fight acne and two it will destroy some of the blemishes on your face. If the lime juice stings a lot then try to add some water to it. The stinging is a sign that it’s working.
  3. Aloe vera-This one is my personal favorite. So you tear it open, tear the skin and squeeze some of the pulp out. Maybe scrape it off with your nail. Then just apply it to your face. Do this once or twice a week and if you are suffering from acne or extremely dry skin then a squeeze of aloe vera with lime juice will help you out.

Though natural moisturizers are good they can be time-consuming and hasty sometimes. Heres the next best thing you could try-

#5- Exfoliate Your Skin

So for those who are new-Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin using a chemical, granular substance, or exfoliation tool. Exfoliating can also replenish your skin and make it vibrant. It can also remove clogged pores and help in boosting beard growth. Exfoliating can also replenish your skin and make it vibrant. It can also remove clogged pores and help in boosting beard growth.

You can even use an exfoliating scrub or a mask for your face. Taking care of your skin at puberty is very important because your hormones are very active and your skin is constantly producing oil and it can be a breeding ground for bacteria and dust.

This can make growing a beard almost an impossible task. So if you are 17-18 concentrate more on taking care of the skin. This will be very beneficial for growing out and maintaining a beard in the future.

#6-Diet and LifeStyle

Diet and lifestyle are the root cause of every health issue you face. Without emphasizing this point any further these are the things that you have to remember.

  1. Quit Sugar-Try to reduce all those sweet items in your diet.
  2. Reduce junk food-Keep junk food consumption at a very low limit.
  3. Avoid packed food-Try to eat fresh and avoid all those preserved food items.
  4. Veggies-Add on a lot of green vegetables to your diet will help you a lot.
  5. Just relax-When you stress a lot it elevates the hormone cortisol in your bloodstream and a lot of cortisol badly affects your skin. It even makes your sebaceous glands or oil glands secrete more oil onto your skin. So try to increase the quality of your sleep. And inhibit meditation in your life. These two things are real stress busters.


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