Most men spend a lot of time and money in order to look good. Despite putting in a lot of effort they don’t get the look they intend for. This is because many tend to overlook simple fashion techniques which bring a huge change in the outfit. Even wearing simple daily or casual outfits require these techniques in order to look good.

Thus here are the “#6-Must-Know Dressing tips for Indian Men”-


You can’t talk about men’s fashion unless you talk about shoes. Shoes absolutely complete all your outfits. But unfortunately in a lot of cases its what Indian guys look past. Shoes should be properly matched with your outfits since they complete your look. The number one mistake that the Indian guys make is that they either go for sports shoes or bulky shoes with every single outfit. These things will completely ruin your look. So if you wanna look classy always go for flat sole shoes. These include Loafers, Convos, and a pair of Sneakers. If you are an Indian guy who is new to the world of fashion, start getting into loafers. And sneakers are the best option for all your party wears. Finally, if you want to try out something casual or regular look go for convos.

Yeah, it’s true that not all shoes suit everyone. However, choosing the right pair of shoes for your outfits isn’t rocket science. The following pair of shoes can take your look to the next level-

#Loafers for Formal Look

#6-Must-Know Dressing tips for Indian Men
#6-Must-Know Dressing tips for Indian Men
#6-Must-Know Dressing tips for Indian Men

#Sneakers for Parties

#6-Must-Know Dressing tips for Indian Men

#Convos for Regular Look

#6-Must-Know Dressing tips for Indian Men
#6-Must-Know Dressing tips for Indian Men

#2-Hanley Shirt

So the next tip is about Hanley shirts. For those who are new to this term – A Henley shirt is a collarless pullover shirt, characterized by a round neckline and a placket about 3 to 5 inches (8 to 13 cm) long and usually have 2–5 buttons. It essentially is a collarless polo shirt. These are super cool to wear and often preferred casual outfit. One bad thing about Hanley shirts is that they are often too closed. They look good only when they are open naturally. All you need to fix this is a razor blade. Most henley packets have a little stitch at the bottom, some henleys are stitched up pretty high. So all you gotta do is grab the razor blade open it up and very very carefully cut the stitch.

#6-Must-Know Dressing tips for Indian Men
#6-Must-Know Dressing tips for Indian Men
#6-Must-Know Dressing tips for Indian Men
#6-Must-Know Dressing tips for Indian Men

#3-Rolling Sleeves

Another mistake that most of the men commit in fashion is rolling the sleeves wrongly. Many men just roll up their sleeves in layers, this is ok. But there is another way of doing this. Just grab it by the cuff pull it up until it meets your bicep. Then fold the remaining down part of the sleeve such that it holds the cuff. Many shirts that are manufactured are meant to be rolled in this way. Many shirts have a different inner pattern for this reason.

Below are a few examples of such shirts. You can notice a different pattern on the inner side of these shirts.

#6-Must-Know Dressing tips for Indian Men
#6-Must-Know Dressing tips for Indian Men


When it comes to accessories men invest a lot in a variety of things like wrist bands, lockets, chains, etc. But all you need for classic dressing is a watch. Watches kind of convey to other people that you are a busy guy, a guy for whom time matters a lot. Just like shoes, they complete your outfit. And choosing the right watch for your outfit also matters.

Here are a few basic accessories which you can try –

#6-Must-Know Dressing tips for Indian Men

Make sure that you don’t add on too many accessories to your outfit. Go for 1 to 2 at max for each outfit.


So how do you know when to leave a shirt out and how do you know when to tuck it in. The manufacturers of the shirt help you in this case. If the side of the shirt is in u-shape, it’s curved on the side. Whenever the shirt is curved on the side it is meant to be left outside your pant, its meant to be untucked. You usually see this with a lot of slim fit shirts. But if a shirt is straight on the sides, then it is meant to be tucked in.

#Shirts you shouldn’t Tuck

#Shirts you should Tuck

#If you want a perfect Tuck you can try these-


So the last tip every man should know is about Belts. When it comes to belts, own belts that can snap open for interchangeable buckles. By this, you’re only buying two or three pieces of leather for dozens of looks. However, you can even try out the vintage belts too. At the end of the day, a belt is a must in order to complete our wardrobe collection.

Thus these were the- “#6-Must-Know Dressing tips for Indian Men”

To know more about men’s dressing tips check this out-


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