Before getting started, we must understand that a perfect body for boys and a perfect body for girls mean two different things. From what we have observed most women want a toned body rather than building muscles. For those who are new to this term tone simply means the state of your muscles at rest. Men usually don’t concentrate on just toning the body, for them getting in shape means building muscle, especially the upper body including the chest, biceps triceps, shoulders, etc. Thus most gyms and weight training programs focus on isolation exercises. So “How To Get Perfect Body Shape For Girl At Home”

The best way to get a perfect body shape for a girl at home could be through cardio and bodyweight workouts, this is what everyone thinks but it’s not completely true!

#Why Cardio Can’t Help Women Achieve a Toned body

#1- Cardio is not Meant for Fat Loss.

How To Get Perfect Body Shape For Girl At Home?

For both men and women to get into shape, the first thing they have to do is reduce that extra body fat. Cardio is a performance enhancement, sport-specific training. It is useful only if you want to increase your endurance. So when you are doing cardio you are signaling your body in the wrong way. This sets off an alarm state in the body where the body sheds muscle tissue to lessen energy demands and stores/hoards body fat as a survival response. Once this physiological state is reached, it becomes impossible to lose any more fat no matter how many calories you cut or how much aerobic work you try and add. What you end up with is someone who is on starvation level calories and performing the excessive exercise, yet is still flabby.

#2-Can Increase Stress to the Joints

Another major disadvantage of cardio is that it doesn’t include a variety of moments. Most of it includes repetitive movements. Thus if constantly done it can increase the stress to joints and eventually lead to an injury.

#3-It Could Bore You

How To Get Perfect Body Shape For Girl At Home

As earlier said cardio doesn’t involve a variety of moments, so constantly doing the same moves could really bore you out. And make you demotivated to work out.

#4-It could elevate Cortisol levels in Your Body

Okay for those who are new to cortisol, it is nothing but a steroid hormone. Cortisol increases sugars (glucose) in the bloodstream. It is seen that doing cardio more often could increase the cortisol levels in our bodies. Higher and more prolonged levels of cortisol in our bodies can lead to several negative effects like-

  • High Blood Pressure
  • The decrease in muscle tissue
  • Impaired cognitive performance
  • Increase abdominal fat
  • Suppressed thyroid function
  • Blood Sugar Imbalance
  • Lowered immunity

#5-It could Cause Muscle loss

Body Toning Exercises for Females Without Weights

Muscles are the crucial things that decide the tone or the shape of your body. But regular cardio and especially fasted cardio could lead to muscle loss. This is because while performing cardio activities our body goes through anaerobic respiration. Due to this our body taps into different sources of glycogen for immediate energy. This involves breaking down muscle tissues and converting them into fuel or energy. This process is known as catabolysis. So in a way cardio won’t lose fat, but will make you lose energy and muscles.

#6-It can cause Water retention

As we discussed earlier that heavy cardio workouts can lead to rising in cortisol levels in our body. And it is seen that high cortisol levels increase water retention in our bodies. So in a way, it could make losing weight more difficult

#7-It Can Make You More Fat After Stopping.

After giving up cardio, you would be consuming more energy than you are burning. So this additional energy will be stored as fat by the body, making you fatter than before.

As you have seen cardio alone cannot help you get a toned body. In fact, it could cause more harm than good. Thus cardio should be combined with weight training for better results. Hence cardio can’t be “Body Toning Exercises for Females Without Weights”

#Do Body Weight Exercises Help?

The short answer is yes but there’s a hinge. We have seen that bodyweight training has gained huge popularity in recent times. For those who don’t know about bodyweight training (popularly known as calisthenics )- It is nothing but a set of exercises that uses the weight of your body as resistance. In other words, bodyweight training replaces external weight equipment with the weight of your own body. Just like weight training(GYM), bodyweight training helps in promoting your muscles and strengthens your body. Bodyweight training contains several movements to reduce fat and give a toned body., with burpees, squats pushups, and pull-ups being the basic ones. The good things about bodyweight training are that you could do it anywhere and you don’t need a lot of equipment thus making it quite affordable.

However, bodyweight training is not all good and no bad. It has its own set of disadvantages. Firstly,  doing push-ups and pull-ups takes proper form and strength, and not only that they can even make you bulky, (not the toned body you are looking for). It’s hard and more over takes a lot of time to give you the desired results. Not only that but it has very limited exercises to tone your core muscles, hips, and thighs. You also need proper and regular guidance while doing it. If you want to get a toned body by only doing bodyweight workouts at home, then good luck pal. So “How To Get Perfect Body Shape For Girl At Home”?

How To Get Perfect Body Shape For Girl At Home”? -Solution

As we have seen both cardio and bodyweight workouts are not that helpful to get the perfect body shape for a girl at home. The perfect way to attain a toned body at home without wasting much time and energy would be by combining bodyweight training with HIIT i.e High-Intensity Interval training. Okay for those who don’t know about HIIT is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, until too exhausted to continue. However, you shouldn’t overdo it. There should be a proper balance between the bodyweight workouts and HIIT exercises and they should be concentrated on lower body like-hips, things, and legs to get the desired toned body. This is difficult to execute and follow and needs proper guidance, but the results are amazing.

Thus we have researched and analyzed many training programs in order to find a training program that would combine bodyweight training with HIIT, concentrate on the lower body, doesn’t require much effort, can be done anywhere even at the comfort of home, has proper guidance. And finally, we found that ‘the axle workout program ‘ was the perfect answer.

The Perfect Training Programme To Get Perfect Body Shape For a Girl At Home?

So as earlier said we researched all the available equipment and workout programs that are best for women to get a toned body without much hazzle. And finally, we found out that Axle Workout Bar fulfills all the above requirements. So for those who don’t know – The Axle is a new fitness program that offers a total body dynamic workout using multi-planar movement patterns developed by training professionals and Olympic athletes. It is the lightest Olympic barbell on the market that starts at 11lbs,( pretty easy and effective for beginners) loads plates up to 140lbs(if you want to go to the next level), has a unique design for rolling with hands/feet, and easily collapses for storage. Live classes are available 3 times a day, 6 days a week. On-demand workouts are also available.

The axle workout program offers consumers a versatile piece of home fitness equipment and the ability to get a full-body workout from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Following are the reasons why we found the axle workout program pretty useful and effective-

#1-They Focus More on Body Toning rather than Building Muscles.

As we earlier discussed the women’s workout goals are different than that of men. Men usually focus on fat loss and bulking or building muscles, whereas women may want to avoid bulking up and getting a macho look. However, most of the gym equipment and exercises focus on building muscles and are also pretty tough to start with. This is where the axle workout program comes to the rescue. Axle offers a lightweight barbell along with tire-like discs at the ends which promote rolling actions and help in targeting core muscles or stomach.

In a way, it’s perfect for abs and legs at the same time. The barbell comes with two-foot straps which you can attach to it and do various roll-out exercises. It can also be used for planks and foot anchors. Not only that, they even offer live classes and pre-recorded videos that will show you how to perform hundreds of exercises with the barbell. The great thing about these exercises is that they concentrate more on building core strength and toning the body which ideal for women.

#2-It is Easy, to Begin With

The axle workout barbell is ultra-lightweight (11 lbs), this makes it easy, to begin with. Most of the weight training or the strength training equipment puts a lot of pressure on your body which could damage your posture if not done properly. Whereas the axle workout barbell gives you the confidence to lift by developing your basic and core strength through various exercises. It also improves your posture and helps you to move on to lift heavy. You can develop your posture, basic, and core strength using the axle workout bar and their live classes will guide you through it( pretty affordable 10$/month).

#3- You Can Level UP!

Just because the axle workout barbell is ultra-lightweight doesn’t mean that you have to stick to lightweight exercises. The axle workout barbell is highly customizable and can be changed constantly based on your needs. The axle workout barbell can load weights (plates) up to 140lbs which will cover all your basic to advanced exercises. Not only that but the axle workout bundle comes with resistance bands which will make lifting more hard and more fun!

#4-Affordabe Live Classes

Another reason to opt for the axle workout program is for its affordable live classes.  Their live classes and on-demand workouts are available on an UNLIMITED BASIS for just $10 per month or $100 (save 20%) for the entire year! They act as the perfect guide for the axle workout bar and your fitness journey. In their live and on-demand classes there are numerous exercises and informational videos that will guide you to get a perfectly toned body instead of solely focusing on fat loss. They have master-certified instructors who guide you through several multi-planar movements using axle workout barbell and even without it! hence they are a must-try

#5-Not Just a Bar!


At first, you might think that the axle workout program is just about an 11 lbs barbell! But that’s not even one-fourth of what it has to offer. The axle workout barbell bundle comes with two-foot straps, locking clips, extra weights, resistance bands, and unlimited live classes to guide you through your fitness journey at the comfort of your home or a gym!

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