So have you ever tried the classic ‘Bad Boy’ Style?. Have you got one of those dope leather jackets, boots, or one of those plain tees?. Now the ‘Bad Boy’ style has become more of a uniform rather than a style or a trend. There is a ton of content out there that is dedicated to all things like ‘How to look like a bad boy’, ‘How to dress like a Bad boy’ and even ‘How to be a bad boy’.Most of the guys out there believe that if they dress like a bad boy and act like one they would win over girls. Yeah, girls, indeed like the ‘Bad Boy’ personality. But the very first thing that they like about the bad boy personality is -Honesty and Boldness.

So if you plan on winning over girls with that bad boy look then good luck with that. Because girls can see right through it. You’ve gotta look classy not clowny. Still not convinced?.

So here are #5 reasons why you shouldn’t dress like a bad boy-

#1-It is not unique

Styling has always been about bringing the best out of you. If you wanna win over others and show ’em that you are special. Then you gotta stand out from the crowd. And the bad boy attire is not a good option for this. The bad boy attire used to leave a bold statement, but not anymore. People have become more familiarised with this look. More men have been trying out this style. So, in short, the bad boy style won’t make you stand out in a crowd, but instead, make you a part of it.


#2-It is like a uniform

Another disadvantage of the bad boy attire is that it is not versatile. Once you go all-in on the deep end of the bad boy style it’s like five things that you can wear at max. It’s kinda like a uniform. If you try out different combinations with it and try to mix it up with other things. Then it doesn’t go well and kinda becomes disconnected. So you are stuck at wearing it, in the same way, every day.

Bad boy dressing style is like a uniform

#3-It is Inauthentic

One of the main reasons to stay away from the bad boy style is because it is inauthentic. When you put out a bad boy’s attire and go out there and try to match your words with your attire, it becomes cringy. People and especially girls can see through this image that you are trying to project.

bad boy style is inauthentic

#4-It doesn’t go well during Special occasions

So you have a wedding to attend, so now you go to your wardrobe and pull out the leather jacket, plain tee, and a pair of boots. This would make you look completely cheesy. And It has become a routine party attire. Even if you wanna mix it with other things it doesn’t go well. A well-groomed man should have a well-rounded wardrobe. You should look dope no matter what the occasion is.

You should look dope no matter what the occasion is.

#5-Its not that stylish

Yeah, the leather jacket,dark-wash denim jacket, and a pair of boots are cool. But when you bring all of them together, it’s not that cool. This classic bad boy attire used to rock but not anymore. It has become somewhat cheesy. So go for a leather jacket, plain tees, etc but do not combine them.

Should You Dress like a Bad Boy?


So if you really wanna bring out the bad boy avatar in you. Then don’t go for the age-old bad boy trend. Bad boys do not give a damn about fashion or trends. They wear whatever they like and still manage to rock at the end of the day. So do not follow any trend or fashion. Get to know about yourself and what suits you best. Be bold to try out new things. Be versatile.

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