The complete guide for purchasing the perfect jeans for Indian Men

As you all know that jeans are very essential for your wardrobe collection. As most of your tops go very well with them. They are comfortable to wear, they are versatile, easily customizable and finally, you look cool wearing them. Now, most of you guys would have 5-7 pairs of jeans. But hardly only 2 of them might look fab on you. This is because you are buying way too many pairs of jeans but not the right ones that suit you. So here is the complete guide for purchasing the perfect jeans for your wardrobe collection-

#1- know the type

The first thing you need to do while shopping for a pair of jeans is, to know what type of jeans you need. Here ‘type’ doesn’t mean whether the jeans are torn, textured or distressed, here type refers to the different kinds of jeans designed for different body shapes. So generally there are six different types of jeans available for men and they are listed out below-

  1. Straight-This is the type of jeans that most men usually wear. As the name suggests it is straight till the bottom, with only a slight narrowness below the knee.
  2. Skinny-These are also known as skinny pants. These type of jeans have a close-fit near the thigh and are narrowed down till the bottom. It makes the lower part seem slimmer and longer.
  3. Slim-These are similar to skinny jeans, usually, these type of jeans have a snug fit throughout the jeans and end with an opening at the bottom. Unlike the skinny jeans which are usually closed at the end.
  4. Bootcut-This is usually confused with bell-bottom jeans. In this type of jeans, there is snug at the thigh and the knee and loosens near the ankle to accommodate a boot.
  5. Relaxed-As the name suggests these are super comfortable to wear, these type of jeans do not stick on to any part of your leg they are wide at the thigh and have a fairly large leg opening.
  6. loose-. These are baggy kind of jeans which hangs lower on the body and is wide at the hip, thigh and ankle area and has snug at the end.

#2-Choose the right fit

So now you know the different types of jeans that are available in the market, the next thing that you gotta do after choosing a specific kind of style, is choosing the right fit. Choosing the right fit is very important as clothing looks good only when they are according to your measurements. But often it can be difficult to get the jeans that fit you perfectly. So here are the two things that you have to consider to get the jeans that fit you perfectly as well as look good on you,

The rise

The rise of jeans is nothing but the measurement from the crotch to the top of the waistband generally it is of 4 types-

  1. Low-rise-Generally low-rise sits at or below your hips and falls within the 7-8 range.
  2. Mid-rise-The mid-rise sits between the hips and the belly button, it is the type of jeans with inseam greater than 8.
  3. Low crotch-Low crotch or drop-crotch jeans have an extremely long rise, these are usually saggy at the hips, seat and the rear. It falls within a high range of 9-12. You can wear these at the low waist as they are loose from the crotch level.
  4. High-rise-These are a very good option for men who stand over 6 feet tall and for those who wear their pants at the waist. These are longer than 10 inches and are often difficult to lengthen.

The sizing

There are two things in particular that you must take care while picking up the jeans with the right sizing-waist size and inseam length. Inseam length is nothing but the measurement from the crotch to the floor on the inside leg of the pants.

Coming to the waist size you can ignore the differences up to 2-3 inches but not more than that since it doesn’t go well with your belt.

#3-Choose according to your body type

Despite choosing the right type of jeans and correct fit, still, there may be many cases wherein the jeans don’t suit you or look good on you, even though you love it. Heres where ‘body type’ comes into play. Choosing the type of jeans based on your body type plays a key role in giving you the perfect look that you require. So below are a few tips that tell you what fits best on your body type:-

1-For Skinny or Thin Men

If you are a skinny guy, most people would generally advise you to go for skinny pants, but you should avoid this since skinny pants would make you look even slimmer. You should also avoid wide length, baggy jeans, and high rise jeans. So the ideal jeans for skinny guys are Straight leg jeans with a low rise.

2-For Medium or Athletic build Men

Men with medium or athletic body build should go for a slim fit, straight leg and can try skinny pants. You should avoid wearing drop-crotch jeans and other jeans with a wide-leg opening.

3-For Heavy or Muscular Men

If you are a guy with a muscular or toned body then go for a regular fit with a wider leg or a classic fit is the way to go this will make your muscles more noticeable. You should avoid wearing tight and skinny jeans.

4-For Men with Wide Hips

Men with wider hips have a variety of jeans to choose from. If you are a man with wide hips then you can go for Straight-leg jeans with a high rise, Relaxed-fit jeans, Loose jeans with a wide leg and seat. And you must avoid wearing skinny jeans and jeans with a low rise.

5-For Men with a Large Waist

Men who have a large waist or men who are fat should choose loose-fitting jeans or relaxed jeans. If you are fat then you must avoid wearing skinny and slim fit jeans.

#4-Choosing the right color and wash

Choosing the right color and wash is a very important step that you have to take care off. It determines whether your jeans are classy or cheap. The color and wash of jeans can leave a cool impression if chosen properly. So the best way you can do this is to try avoiding light-colored jeans. Prefer jeans which are darker in color. The darker the jeans, the better. Try to get darker jeans with a little bit of reflective property. If possible try to get your hands on deep-blue-colored jeans. The benefit of having deep blue jeans is that it goes very well with almost any shirt or t-shirt.

Now, coming to the wash go for a subtle and graduated style. Avoid jeans with too much bleach effect. Try to go for jeans with a subtle fade or no fade at all.


Finally, it’s not how much money you spend on your jeans that determines the quality of the jeans. But rather it depends on how keenly you choose them. Expensive jeans can still look cheap if not chosen properly. Do not ignore the small details like threading, the seam, the pockets, etc.

Happy shopping!

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