We all know that Surya is a versatile actor. He has played many different roles and tried out various styles. Different styles include different hairstyles. A few of the hairstyles he tried out are really cool. But the most admired one among his hairstyles is the one from ‘Anjaan’.People were very much impressed with Surya’s looks in Anjaan. The specialty of this hairstyle is that it suits most guys and is modern.

So here’s ” Anjaan Surya Hairstyle-How to Make Surya Hairstyle? ”.

The complete guide for Surya Anjaan hairstyle

The hairstyle-

Anjaan Surya Hairstyle-How to Make Surya Hairstyle?

You need to have at least 4 inches on the top to get this hairstyle. As we can see the sides are more definitive in this hairstyle, unlike any usual undercut. In this hairstyle, the sides are tapered as we move up and are faded at the bottom like sidelocks and the area near the ear. So for those who are new to these terms – A fade is when the hair becomes shorter until it reaches your skin. A taper involves longer hair and doesn’t necessarily have to be cut as short as a fade.


Another special feature of this hairstyle is its texture. This hairstyle involves a lot of texture and is suitable for guys with thick hair. So for those who are new to the term texture- Texture is the look that your hair has depending on thickness, the amount of curl, and how it’s cut. A layered texture generally involves cutting certain areas of your hair shorter so longer hair rests on top.

Anjaan Surya Hairstyle-How to Make Surya Hairstyle?
Anjaan Surya Hairstyle-How to Make Surya Hairstyle?

Following are the things that can help you add texture to your hair-

To know more on how to add texture to your hair check out the links given below-


We can see that this hairstyle is a Low Taper Fade. The low taper fade is stylish and easy to get and continues to be the most popular fade haircut for guys. The low taper can be combined with any number of classic and modern men’s hairstyles. While the low cut still offers the traditional short sides and back, the tapered haircut doesn’t expose too much of the scalp. You can even ask your barber to make the low taper fade very short and edgy with a skin fade finish.

The Back and the side locks.


The back in this hairstyle is slightly tapered with a flat cut, not a v-shape. Another iconic feature of this haircut is its sidelocks. The sidelocks in this hairstyle are slightly tapered and are joined with the beard without cutting them at the ends. This gives a cool look.

So that’s ‘Anjaan Surya Hairstyle-How to Make Surya Hairstyle? for you



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