knowing Men Hair Texture is the most important rule in natural hair care. Understanding the texture of your hair also helps you to style your hair in the best way possible. So for those who are new to this term – Texture is the look that your hair has depending on the thickness, the amount of curl, and how it’s cut. The classification of men’s hair based on texture is different from that of women. Apart from texture men’s hair is also classified based on the thickness of the hair. So based upon the thickness of the men’s hair they are broadly classified as below-

Thick Hair– Here the width of a single strand of hair is more.

Thin hair– Here the width of a single strand of hair is less.

However, the thickness of hair has nothing to do with the density of the hair. Density looks at how thin or thick strands are collective, in a group. This means that someone can have fine hair that’s also very dense. At the same time, a person can also have thick hair that is not dense.

Men Hair Type Based on Texture- Now coming back to our topic Men’s hair is classified broadly into three types based on texture. They are-

  • Straight Hair
  •  Wavy Hair and
  •  Coiled Hair

Depending on the texture of your hair you can decide how to take care of it and what are hairstyles that you can expect from it. This means it helps you in understanding what type of hair care routine you should follow and what are styling products that you can use.

So let’s study each one deeply –

#1-Straight Hair

Guys with this type of hair do not have any curls and are straight at the end. This hairstyle is straight throughout. It won’t curl even at higher lengths. This type of hair is usually associated with thin hair. This type of hair can have a fine, medium, and coarse texture. The hair with this texture is soft and it can be difficult to curl. It needs to be washed often because it can get oily.

#Styling and Care

#1- Layering and texture- The first disadvantage of this type of hair is the lack of layers. So next time when you go for a haircut ask the barber to add layers to your hair by cutting in a specific angle at the edges. It even involves cutting certain areas of your hair shorter so longer hair rests on top.

#2-Clay-You can style your hair with clay in order to get that sexy texture. Clay makes your hair feel fuller by adding thickness and body to the individual strands. Hair clays are perfect for hairstyles that require volume without having the product weigh down your hair. You should avoid gels and pomades in this case.

Men Hair Type: Style and Care your Hair Based on Texture
Men Hair Type: Style and Care your Hair Based on Texture

#3- Highlights- Another thing that you can do to add texture to your hair is by adding some color to a few of your hair strands(highlights). Yeah, I know that coloring your hair can be a hectic process. So try these hair coloring wax which can be easily removed by one wash!

Men Hair Type: Style and Care your Hair Based on Texture

#4-Haircut- Here are the hairstyles that you can try –

1)Quiff Haircut

2)Pompadour Haircut

3)Straight High Fade Haircut

4)Crew Cuts 

#5-Shampoo-You should generally use specific shampoos that give volume to your hair. A few of the options for this are as below-

Men Hair Type: Style and Care your Hair Based on Texture

#2- Wavy Hair

This type of hair sticks close to the scalp. This type of hair is not curly throughout. It is straight at the beginning and twirls at the ends. This type of hair is usually associated with thick hair. Sometimes it is fluffy and easy to style. But it can also be frizzy and difficult to style. There are three types of wavy hair namely-loose, defined, and wide waves. One of the important points to be noted is that this type of hair forms waves but not coils which you can see in curly hair. You can say that you have wavy hair when it forms waves after growing above 3 inches long.

#Styling and Care

#1-Layering and texture-If the waves are less and easily manageable then lucky for you because all you have to do is go with the flow. You can grow out of your hair and style it as you want. You need not add texture to your hair but you definitely should take care of the ends. keep the ends straight until they are manageable. Both short – clean and long-messy hairstyle suits you.

#2Hair cream-You can use hair cream to style your hair. Creams give hair flexibility and strength. Hair cream provides almost zero holds and acts as a conditioning lotion that gives thick hair types the perfect bed hair look.

#3Highlights-You need not go for highlights as your hair already has that texture.

#4Hair serum-You can use a hair serum in order to vitalize your hair. it has a slick consistency and is used to reduce frizz and impart silkiness. It strengthens your hair and protects it from the harsh environment. Just apply a little bit of serum normally or after a bath and de-tangle your hair strands.

Men Hair Type: Style and Care your Hair Based on Texture

#5Haircut-Here are the hairstyles that you can try –

1) Textured Crop.

2) Loose Strands with Tapered Sides

3) Wavy Medium Length Mess

4) Wavy Textured Burst Fade

#6-Shampoo and conditioner-Don’t go for shampoos that add volume to your hair. Instead, go for shampoos which nourishes your hair and prevents hair fall. And take a dose of conditioner to emulsify the hair all over to clean it.

#3- Coiled Hair

As the name suggests this type of hair is curly throughout, hence it is also known as curly hair. This type of hair is usually difficult to style and manage. However, this hair gives fullness that most men fear to lose as they age. So volume is not a problem for this type of hairstyle. The curls can be of three types-Loose Curls, Tight Curls and Corkscrew Curls.

#Styling and Care

#1-Thinning-Obviously you don’t need any texture or layers when you have curly hair but however, you may want to make your curls more manageable. So this is when you go for thinning. It is usually done with a pair of thinning scissors, it is the process of removing weight from your hair to make it more manageable.

#2-Hair clay- Once again you should choose hair clay if you want to style your hair. Clay tends to draw out impurities and dirt without drying the hair of its natural oils. It controls and maintains frizzy hair – an essential requirement for men with curly hair. Clay provides a matte to semi-matte texture and gives your hair medium to high hold.

Men Hair Type: Style and Care your Hair Based on Texture

#3-Highlights-If done properly highlights can be good for curly hair. But if it isn’t done right it can also make your hair look dull and frizzy. So don’t take the risk instead try hair coloring wax which washes out at one go

Men Hair Type: Style and Care your Hair Based on Texture

#4-Hair serum-Hair serum is very essential for guys with curly hair. A hair serum vitalizes hair and protects it from the harsh environment. It also helps in de-tangling hair strands and prevents them from turning brittle.

Men Hair Type: Style and Care your Hair Based on Texture

#5-Hair straightener-If the curls are very difficult to manage, then a straightener is highly recommended. Don’t forget to use a heat protector before using it.

Men Hair Type: Style and Care your Hair Based on Texture

#6-Paddle brush –A paddle brush is very useful in managing curly hair.

#7-Shampoo-Guys with curly hair should shampoo as little as possible i.e twice a week. Because shampoo will dry your hair out. Try to wash your hair only with conditioner more often. You can try the following shampoo and conditioner

#8-Haircut-If you are upset about curls then you can go for a straightening process or you can try out these cool hairstyles-

1)-Mid Taper Fade with Wavy Textured Top.

2)-Low Skin Fade with Line Up and Curls.

3)-Wavy Brushed Back Hair and Beard.

4)- High Fade with Thick Curly Hair.


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