Okay, first things first charm and charisma are two different things. Charishma and charm generally go hand in hand but are two different things. The essence of charm is the desire and knowledge of how to please others, whereas charisma is having unusual confidence in oneself.

A charm is a form of attraction. It’s an allure, a delight, a grace. While Charisma is a form of influence It’s a magnetism, an ability to draw and hold someone’s attention. Charm is something that will help people interacting with you whereas charisma is more about how people perceive you and how they feel about your presence. For example, Chris Evans is charming whereas Robetrt Downey Jr is charismatic.

So for most of you who are reading this, you might be charming but not charismatic. Your friends might love talking and hanging out with you but you may be failing when it comes to leading or influencing huge crowds like your class.

If you are already charming you can take that to the next level by becoming charismatic by attaining some specific set of skills. So you might be wondering why to take all the pain and effort to convert your charm into charisma while you can be just yourself.

Charishma is one of the key attributes that can open a lot of new doors for you both in personal and professional life if people find you charismatic everything becomes easier you will be more successful with girls, you will have an easy time at job interviews school, and professional life. Your charisma will make people fall in love with you and you could turn out to be a great influencer.

So here are the #5 ways in which you can convert your charm into charisma-


What  is Charm and Charisma-How to Convert Your Charm into Charisma

The charismatic person has powerfully attractive qualities that separate him from the rest of the crowd, one such quality is self-belief. Most charismatic people believe in themselves and their ability to achieve things in life. So you might be confident in a few things that you do, this might make other people see you as charming but not charismatic. So here’s the difference between confidence or self-confidence and self-belief-

Self Confidence is the way we project ourselves to the outside world. Self-confidence is usually the result of overcoming certain obstacles or by working to improve a skill. Self-confidence can be learned – it is extrinsic. One can portray an image of complete self-confidence whilst shaking with fear inside. This might explain why people who appear over-confident or even arrogant are in most cases pasting a veneer over something they feel self-conscious about.

Self Belief on the other hand is the way you feel about yourself regardless of your achievements, looks or other things you may feel confident in. It is a silent friend who gives you courage to follow your dreams. Self belief is trusting in what you think is the best course of action for you. It is the understanding that whatever choice you make, things will work out for the best. Self belief is a set of rules that you own which guide you on a path of success.

#2-Empower the people around you

What  is Charm and Charisma-How to Convert Your Charm into Charisma

Charismatic people are magnetic, people like to hang out with them because they like their company. Charismatic people make others love their company just by doing one simple thing i.e empowering them. Nowadays everyone ridicule and make fun of others for trying to achieve something out of the norm. Instead of doing the same try to stand out and encourage others. Give them advice and support them, this will make them like you. So next time when you find your friend committing a mistake don’t make fun of him as the others do. Instead, give him support and a good piece of advice.

#3-Frame of your jokes

What  is Charm and Charisma-How to Convert Your Charm into Charisma

This is one of the most important things that you have to consider, the type of jokes that you crack can tell a lot about you and what type of person you are. Joking can be of two types i.e 1. Cracking jokes on others and 2.Cracking jokes on yourself. Charismatic people put these two types of jokes in differently than the ordinary. So let’s have a look at them-

  1. Cracking Jokes on others-Charismatic people do crack jokes on others, but they do not do it in a way that alienates or insults the person to whom the joke is delivered. Charismatic people have a good sense of humor and do not crack lame jokes and they do not try hard to be funny, they only joke when necessary. So here is a tip to crack jokes on others without losing your charisma-
  • Do not crack jokes on others to show your superiority, crack jokes on others only to have fun nothing more nothing less.
  • Do not crack jokes on other people’s insecurities, like uncommon things that they have, or things that are core to their identity

2. Cracking jokes on yourself-This one’s a little difficult, people often joke about themselves but few people end up becoming a purposeless clown while others end up being liked by others for their openness. This all because of the frame of jokes. Charismatic people control their frame of jokes and make them suit their goals. The outcome of self-deprecating jokes depends on the very reason why you are using it, is it a self-defense mechanism against others jokes or is it because of your openness. And finally, make sure that you don’t crack self-deprecating jokes more often as it could mean low self-esteem.

#4-Stop complaining

Complaining is a bad habit. Complaining about each and everything will make you look like a loser and will also ruin your charisma. Whenever there’s a problem do not just stand out and complain. Instead, take the initiative which the others don’t. And try to face the problem. This will set a good example to others and will be an instant charisma booster.

#5-Do things out of your comfort zone

Most people do not turn charismatic and remain charming because they like to stay in their comfort zone. You can’t learn anything until and unless you step out of your comfort zone. You might even discover the hidden abilities you possess that you didn’t know earlier. Doing things out of your comfort zone is a lot more fun than you think. So next time whenever there is a presentation or a speaking competition or anything else of that sort. Don’t run away from it instead step up and just do it.


Finally, dress well because dressing well and apt for the situation will make you magnetic. Hence we have written several blogs on how to dress well few of them are mentioned below make sure you go through them –


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